Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Podcast 13: That Is So Now, Brother!

We're not lying. We can totally taste the end of Season 3.

For some strange reason neither of us mentioned how there was another episode about the Garden of Eden in this bunch. "The Way To Eden" is all about Eden and there's even a character named Adam who dies by eating fruit there. Why didn't we mention the Star Trek writers' fascination with Eden? Maybe because we already have five times.

Jon's "um" count: 43

Podcast breakdown:

:00 -- Beverly Washburn welcome/intro
7:02 -- Jon's report on the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas
18:36 -- Other announcements
20:41 -- "That Which Survives"
33:25 -- "Lights of Zetar"
40:20 -- "Requiem for Methuselah"
50:54 -- "The Way to Eden"
1.03:07 -- Chronology discussion
1.05:20 -- Rankings
1.09:57 -- Outro/outtakes


4. "The Way to Eden"
3. "The Lights of Zetar"
2. "That Which Survives"
1. "Requiem for Methuselah"

4. "That Which Survives"
3. "The Lights of Zetar"
2. "The Way to Eden"
1. "Requiem for Methuselah"

Everyone remember to email jrwatchesstartrek@gmail.com and holler your input on what order we should do the movies. Right now we're planning on watching the first four movies and then switching to Next Generation. Would you rather we discuss all six original crew movies before tackling TNG?

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Podcast 12: Let That Be Your Last "Party On, Garth!"

Major announcements this time 'round!

First of all, take heed of our new email address: jrwatchesstartrek@gmail.com. Speak to us!

And... meh. The email is really the only really important announcement, but remember to head to the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton before the end of the month!

We've overcome the hump on season 3 by covering five episodes in this run. The light is at the end of the tunnel; we can see it (and along with that light a floating Abraham Lincoln for some reason)! Podcast 12 is a party especially if you like non-Star Trek things like ABBA, X Files, Wayne's World, road trips, World of Warcraft, Silver Spoons, Jessica Biel and BYU football.

Here's more information on that Star Trek MMO that I heard about. And here's the official site.

Jon's "um" count: 61

Podcast breakdown:

:00 -- Intro/current movie queries/announcements
19:11 -- "The Empath"
28:34 -- "Elaan of Troyius"
38:45 -- "Whom Gods Destroy"
54:20 -- "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
1.05:36 -- "The Mark of Gideon"
1.15:12 -- J.R.'s completely unrelated filler
1.17:08 -- Rankings
1.20:30 -- Outro


5. "Elaan of Troyius"
4. "The Mark of Gideon"
3. "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
2. "The Empath"
1. "Whom Gods Destroy"

5. "Elaan of Troyius"
4. "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
3. "The Empath"
2. "Whom Gods Destroy"
1. "The Mark of Gideon"

We forgot to go over the Imdb rankings of each of these episodes during the show. Interestingly, the least popular episode with the voters at Imdb happened to be Jon's favorite episode of this bunch.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

t-shirts and email!

"J.R. Watches Star Trek For the first time" T-shirts are now for sale! Pick one of the wonderful patterns below.
As you can see, these handsome patterns are tasteful and relevant! Both feature an iron-on of the prominent head of J.R. as either a ridged Klingon (which is strange since we haven't actually encountered any ridged Klingons in the podcast yet) or as a Vulcan! The Klingon T-shirt features the phrase "Heghlu'meH QaQjajvam!" which means "Today is a good day to die!" in Klingon (not that we've encountered actual Klingon language in the podcast yet). The J.R. Vulcan shirt features the phrase "It is most logical" (in English).

To order a shirt simply send an email to our new email address at jrwatchesstartrek@gmail.com. We'll then email you back and tell you where to send your check for $30 to purchase one of the shirts. We don't have a Paypal account yet.

Is $30 too expensive for an iron-on t-shirt? Well, maybe. Bear in mind that we're making them to order which means we're purchasing the t-shirts and the iron-ons one at a time. Also bear in mind that the most important part of this post is that we have a new email address. In case you missed it, it's: jrwatchesstartrek@gmail.com.

You don't have to email about a t-shirt. Email about anything related to the blog or podcast or Star Trek or whatever. It's come to our attention recently that people do listen, but haven't really been able to communicate with us. We really hope to make our communication two-way.

In the meantime, would you like a free t-shirt? We can't actually provide the shirt, but if you want to print off your own iron-on, you can (and iron it onto anything, not just a shirt). Simply click on the images above and then download the images directly. Buy some iron-on paper (I've had success with TransferMagic inkjet transfer paper) and then print the images onto the iron-on paper. Iron it onto your own cheap Old Navy t-shirt after that! BTW, you need to print off a reverse image for the iron-on to be non-backwards when you're all done. If you don't have Photoshop or a simple graphical program to reverse the image for you, here are the images reversed below. Click on them.

And send us an email! Let us know you're listening, how you found us and what you think!

redshirts r.i.p.

Dang it! Ever since we started the podcast I've been slowly working on my own edit of a complete montage of redshirt deaths. Honestly. I totally have.

Now look! Somebody went and beat me to it!