Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lyrics to "Heart and Soul" by T'Pau

More than an ocean
Keeps us apart
I feel a tearing in half of my heart
A walk on the water
Is all that I need
But miracles are not happening

You're not even listening to me
Leaving you ain't easy now
But loving you's the harder part
You never want me for myself
And I've need you right from the very start
Oh won't you stay and try to

Give a little bit of heart and soul
Give a little bit of love to grow
Give a little bit of heart and soul
And don't you make me beg for love
Give a sign 'cause I need to know
Give a little bit of heart and soul

Now listen to me
I wish that I was wrong
But you don't feel that way
We drift apart with each passing day
You never seem to notice anymore

Living in a fantasy
There's never any room to breathe
Hoping every waking hour
You'll turn around and say that we can stay
Won't you even try to


Somehow, I lost my way
Looking to see something in your eyes
But love will never compromise
There is the politics of life


Podcast 4: Amok New Season

This session covers episodes 30-40 (for some reason skipping episode 39) of the original series, the first 10 or so eps from season 2.

Many apologies for the many interruptions during this one. I think by the third time it happens it's actually quite funny.

Also apologies for skipping to "Friday's Child" instead of discussing "Journey to Babel." For some reason I reference "Friday's Child" as "Episode 10" when, in fact, it's "Episode 11." No idea how that happened. We'll be sure to get "Journey to Babel" first on the next podcast.

More apologies for not discussing Uhura's ailment in "The Changeling." It's the most interesting/hilarious thing to happen to any character this season and I can't believe we forgot to discuss it. If it's okay with ol' Roy, I hope to talk about it next podcast as well.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

TOS season one best/worst breakdown

Apparently there's some kind of weird scripting issue with blogger that makes huge gaps between these two tables. You're going to have to scroll down for now until I can figure out Blogger's HTML pre-set scripts. It's no biggie. Don't be a sissy about it.

J.R.'s top fiveJon's top five
5. "The Enemy Within"5. "A Taste of Armageddon"
4. "Balance of Terror"4. "The Galileo Seven"
3. "Space Seed"3. "Conscience of the King"
2. "City on the Edge of Forever"2. "Space Seed"
1. "Conscience of the King"1. "Return of the Archons"

J.R.'s bottom fiveJon's bottom five
27. "The Alternative Factor"27. "Squire of Gothos"
28. "The Corbomite Maneuver"28. "Shore Leave"
29. "Charlie X"

29. "Charlie X"

Podcast 3: Quien Es Mas Macho?

Quien Es Mas Macho? or Edith Keeler Must Die! ...or "It's Hard to Get the Taste of Armageddon Out of Your Mouth." This one has too many good titles!

This podcast covers episodes 20-29 of the original series.

Awesome. Just Awesome. We were able to talk about two of the most beloved episodes in the original series ("Space Seed," "City on the Edge of Forever") and one of the most reviled ("The Alternative Factor"). Plus we finish out the first season with a breakdown of the best and worst episodes of the season.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode 2: We Have Romulans (TOS 10-19)

Good stuff this ep. Lots of pivotal events: first appearance of the Romulans, first mention of Captain Pike (pictured) and the first (but hopefully not last) Gorn.

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Whoops! ITunes didn't take the first publish! Don't know what the deal is, but let's try that again.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Episode 1: TOS eps 1-9

Finally! The first episode is up! Enjoy a pantsless female future!

I'll stick some icons in soon, but in the meantime just download the file right here.