Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lyrics to "Heart and Soul" by T'Pau

More than an ocean
Keeps us apart
I feel a tearing in half of my heart
A walk on the water
Is all that I need
But miracles are not happening

You're not even listening to me
Leaving you ain't easy now
But loving you's the harder part
You never want me for myself
And I've need you right from the very start
Oh won't you stay and try to

Give a little bit of heart and soul
Give a little bit of love to grow
Give a little bit of heart and soul
And don't you make me beg for love
Give a sign 'cause I need to know
Give a little bit of heart and soul

Now listen to me
I wish that I was wrong
But you don't feel that way
We drift apart with each passing day
You never seem to notice anymore

Living in a fantasy
There's never any room to breathe
Hoping every waking hour
You'll turn around and say that we can stay
Won't you even try to


Somehow, I lost my way
Looking to see something in your eyes
But love will never compromise
There is the politics of life


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J.R. said...

If he could ahve sung during Amok Time I'm certain those would have been the words.