Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Any of you who follow J.R. on Twitter know that he's moving from a third world country back to the Unites States. As a result, all his possessions will be on a slow boat toward America for the next six weeks or so. That means it will be impossible to record again until March-ish. In the meantime, and with your help, the podcast has three options:

1) Do nothing until then. This is default.

2) Record a Jon-only episode with a full chat room. It would be sort of a Q and A. J.R. won't be around to deny anything, so if anybody has any questions or just wants to talk about whatever, we could do that. No doubt I have information on the guy that would make for exciting listening. If it's not exciting, I could just lie. If you'd like to do this, we'd need to have a pretty full chatroom in order to get some semblance of a conversation. Please email what times would be best and if it happens we can try to make a time that would yield the best crowd.

3) Upload an awesome clip show. If we do this, we'll need some volunteers to sort through some old podcasts. The more the better and the easier.

It also wouldn't be unheard of to do some combination of all three options. Please volunteer! Best volunteer may get a mug -- or something else maybe. If you'd like to do the chat show, send in your time preferences. If you'd like to hear a clip show just say you do and I'll give you a small assignment.

Btw, it's awesome seeing everyone on Facebook. Join up if you haven't.


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Podcast 73: Easy Daxess

We broadcasted in a digital snowstorm this time. It was caused by an ill-advised attempt at computer progress (buying the next OS X and then having Soundtrack to decide to not work with something so "advanced"). Anyway, on the brightside, are now in possession of a Star Trek PADD (or as they call it in this century and universe: the iPad). Hopefully Soundtrack and Photoshop and Cyberduck will be fixed by the next recording. We should just broadcast from our adobe kiln on Bajor's moon.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, Christmas
15:25 -- "Vortex"
32:14 -- "Battle Lines"
46:36 -- "The Storyteller"
57:57 -- "Progress"
1.12:25 -- "If Wishes Were Horses"
1.29:30 -- Awards and rankings
1.36:50 -- Qapla' and outtakes

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Grant McCune (1943-2010).

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