Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quick JRWSTFTFT Star Wars Trailer Commentary

Okay, we had fun doing this for the last trailer, so we really quickly just recorded our conversation regarding the new new Star Wars trailer. Sorry, it's not Trek. Also sorry for the dirty production sans theme song and other bells and whistles. Also sorry for not posting this up earlier. Sorry for lots of things I guess. Hey, it's an alright trailer though!

Download here!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Podcast 149: Cowboys and Aliens

This set ran the gamut of religion, clones, 90s-era cops and cowboys. Hey, here's a question for you. Trip sold his six-shooter for money on that cowboy planet. Where did he get that gun? And where did they get those cowboy clothes? Did they murder a few cowboys just out of town before they saved those slave aliens? Discuss.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, voting for the movie podcast, Halloween CD, X-Files preview, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Salt Lake Comic Con, Star Wars books,
20:15 -- "North Star"
36:23 -- "Similitude"
57:20 -- "Carpenter Street"
1.08:31 -- "Chosen Realm"
1.21:10 -- Podcast awards and rankings
1.35:00 -- Next episode predictions
1.50:00 -- Qapla' and outtakes

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Catherine Coulson (1943-2015).

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