Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Podcast 4: Amok New Season

This session covers episodes 30-40 (for some reason skipping episode 39) of the original series, the first 10 or so eps from season 2.

Many apologies for the many interruptions during this one. I think by the third time it happens it's actually quite funny.

Also apologies for skipping to "Friday's Child" instead of discussing "Journey to Babel." For some reason I reference "Friday's Child" as "Episode 10" when, in fact, it's "Episode 11." No idea how that happened. We'll be sure to get "Journey to Babel" first on the next podcast.

More apologies for not discussing Uhura's ailment in "The Changeling." It's the most interesting/hilarious thing to happen to any character this season and I can't believe we forgot to discuss it. If it's okay with ol' Roy, I hope to talk about it next podcast as well.

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