Monday, March 17, 2008

TOS season one best/worst breakdown

Apparently there's some kind of weird scripting issue with blogger that makes huge gaps between these two tables. You're going to have to scroll down for now until I can figure out Blogger's HTML pre-set scripts. It's no biggie. Don't be a sissy about it.

J.R.'s top fiveJon's top five
5. "The Enemy Within"5. "A Taste of Armageddon"
4. "Balance of Terror"4. "The Galileo Seven"
3. "Space Seed"3. "Conscience of the King"
2. "City on the Edge of Forever"2. "Space Seed"
1. "Conscience of the King"1. "Return of the Archons"

J.R.'s bottom fiveJon's bottom five
27. "The Alternative Factor"27. "Squire of Gothos"
28. "The Corbomite Maneuver"28. "Shore Leave"
29. "Charlie X"

29. "Charlie X"


J.R. said...

What's up with the gaps? It makes me feel like a sissy. Also, why does the bottom 5 only have 3? Anyway, it's good to let people know where we stand.

joN. said...

yeah, i'm stumped about it.

to see the sissy version. for best results increase the browser's fontsize (apple +)to get the full effect of the picture.

this is the same code that i put into the blog's html (you can check it out on the blogger dashboard (just you, j.r. no one else)) of old posts.

The Jigga said...

First off, leaving The Devil in the Dark off of either of your top 5's is criminal, purely for the most riveting mind meld in the history of TOS.
Secondly, City on the Edge of Forever is easily the most important episode of this season, and rife with the best set design and costuming. The fact that Jon leaves it off his list is reprehensible. Plus, I think I took an exam for JR once after propping him up on his desk and sitting behind him with a #2 pencil.