Thursday, June 12, 2008

Podcast 9: Kids Belong In Intergalactic Textile Factories

We begin Season 3 with a bang. Not a big bang, mind you. In fact, since we started with four of the most embarrassing episodes of anything ever, we'd probably say that this bang was just about the smallest bang ever. We did have an incredibly fun time talking about them though. Plenty, plenty, plenty of good fodder in what's considered the worst season in the original series.

:40 -- Apologies/welcome/Season 3 intro/continued whining about
4:32 -- "Spock's Brain"
14:17 -- "The Enterprise Incident"
25:16 -- "The Paradise Syndrome"
36:02 -- "And the Children Shall Lead"
47:05 -- Goodbyes/end music/outtakes

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1 comment:

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