Thursday, October 30, 2008

Podcast 17: You Gotta Be Vulcan to Do the Pinch... and Direct Films


It took forever to post this, which is especially troublesome after the long break we took between 'casts. Please forgive us. The Halloween season is like Christmas to us, but more stressful.

Podcast breakdown:

00:00 -- Intro and Halloween discussion
04:15 -- Playing of the Halloween songs
11:50 -- Listener mail
17:30 -- EW Q&A
31:08 -- Star Trek III: The Search for Spock discussion
1.08:11 -- Awards/outros


Toward the end we mentioned that we were going to do another movie commentary with the movie Poltergeist and that we wanted all of you to join us. Well, you can't because inbetween the recording and production of this particular podcast, we went ahead and did the other one. Sorry.

One thing we forgot to mention is the continued ignorance of Kirk and his Vulcan knowledge. He didn't even know what a Vulcan katra was. He must have not taken his Federation cultural and aliens studies class very seriously.

We also said that we didn't know what Kirstie Alley did between Star Trek II and Cheers. How could we forget Runaway, the classic sci-fi film starring Magnum P.I. and KISS? That movie was actually the same year as STIII.

This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Merritt Butrick (1959-1989).

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1 comment:

J.R. said...

"I listened to the podcast today. Let me just ask, who do you 2 think you are? The saviors of mankind? WELL YOU ARE! Thank you for giving my life meaning." This is what a lot of people would comment if the were brave enough to be honest. For the record Jon, I thought it was a fine podcast.