Monday, January 26, 2009

Podcast 23: We Have Romulans... Again

Here it is, the TNG end of season one spectacular! J.R. was pretty sick, so Jon did most of the talking (at least that's his excuse). Listen to the whole podcast to find out which planet from TNG we'd most like to visit.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- Beginning whatevers
11:22 -- "We'll Always Have Paris"
19:18 -- "Conspiracy"
35:47 -- "The Neutral Zone"
53:50 -- Episode rankings
54:57 -- Jon's term report on The Prime Directive
59:47 -- First season lists and rankings
1.22:19 -- Wrap up and whatever end stuff

Jon's rankings:

3. "The Neutral Zone"
2. "We'll Always Have Paris"
1. "Conspiracy"

J.R.'s rankings:

3. "We'll Always Have Paris"
2. "The Neutral Zone"
1. "Conspiracy"

Check the blog for the season rankings.

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This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Mama Cass (1941-1974).

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