Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Podcast 44: J.R. and Jon on the Podcast on the Ocean (and then *CLAP* they're friends!)

Season 5 (the best season ever) opens! We are so officially more than half-way done! Nice! Klingon civil wars, Denise Crosby, Ashley Judd, metaphors, a new snazzy Picard wardrobe, Bajorans, snowflakes... this podcast has got it all (except the Borg, Q, Wesley, Pulaski, the entire original crew, the Ferengi, Riker getting some, etc.)!

If you want to know what J.R. is passionate about this time of year, please check out

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, college football, New Moon, Michael Jordan
6:58 -- "Redemption II"
30:15 -- "Darmok"
43:47 -- "Ensign Ro"
1.02:56 -- "Silicon Avatar"
1.19:00 -- Awards and rankings
1.33:37 -- Qapla'
1.35:42 -- Trek Files promo
1.36:14 -- Outtakes

J.R.'s Rankings

4. "Ensign Ro"
3. "Darmok"
2. "Redemption II"
1. "Silicon Avatar

Jon's Rankings

4. "Ensign Ro"
3. "Redemption II"
2. "Silicon Avatar"
1. "Darmok"

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Paul Winfield (1939-2004).

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