Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Podcast 68: Everybody Happy As the Dead Come Home

Priests and cannibals, prehistoric animals and the most compelling piece of technology seen by the Romulans in some time -- a clone that doesn't look anything like what it's cloned from!

We tackle Nemesis so you don't have to. Apparently many people haven't seen this one. It's the least popular movie. Lots of green in it. Notice?

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to the directorial career of Stuart Baird (1996-2002).

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William said...

I like the Shriekback reference

- William in Toronto

joN. said...

william, you're awesome. first to get the reference (i think you may have even beat j.r. at that one).

Anonymous said...

the Borg Queen idea didn't work for me either.

and she's gross.