Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Podcast 70: We Exist Here

Enter Deep Space 9! This podcast belongs to you! We say that not only because we decided to continue this weird experiment because of popular demand, but because the majority of this podcast is listener feedback about the the entire concept of DS9. Pretty much the listeners made all our commentary for us (there was a ton, I'm telling you). Also making a lot of comments: all the kids hanging out at J.R.'s house. You'll hear them, don't worry. Hopefully we'll be able to keep up with all the listeners in the DS9 coverage from now on.

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Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, football, Facebook
9:45 -- "Emissary"
23:35 -- Viewer mail
1.13:52 -- Characters and awards
1.25:40 -- Qapla' and outtakes

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Jennifer Sisko (2336-2367).

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