Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vacation Live Chat Vol. 1!

Alright folks, let's try this thing out. We've had a couple of requests to try the live chat thing on a weekend, so here goes.

Saturday, February 12th at 11am MST (that's 10 in Cali, 1 on the east coast, I'm guessing about 6pm in England, about 8pm in Germany and (roughly) 2am the next day in Australia) let's do the listener live chat. Hopefully we can get enough people together that we can record something. I admit, however, that my primary reason for doing this is selfish. If we just spend a couple of hours chatting it up, rather than actually recording a podcast, so be it. The chatting up is funner and more important.

All the deets you need to know are to go to my (Jon's) Ustream page at
on that day at the appropriate time.

Perhaps J.R. can get into the chatroom, but he won't be able to voice anything.

Also, we might do it the following Saturday as well... maybe... we'll see how this first one goes.

In the meantime, if you can make it, awesome. If not, it wouldn't hurt to send in what you'd like the chatroom and me to discuss. You know the drill.

In the meantime, join the Facebook group. We'll discuss this more then. Watch this blog. We'll put an embed of the chat here.

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