Friday, November 4, 2011

spooky scary!

Alright so sorry about not recording last week (and also sorry for not recording this week), but we may as well post this year's Halloween CD track listing. Many of you gave us suggestions and for that we thank you. We actually used a lot of suggestions from our Star Trek circle.

Some of you Star Trek geeks may be interested to know that we intercut many of these songs with lines from the classic TOS episode "Catspaw" (considered to be the original "Star Trek Halloween Special." If you're a fan of the TV show Community, the songs not mixed with Star Trek clips are mixed with last year's Community Halloween special.

1. "Do They Know It's Hallowe'en?" by NAHPI (North American Hallowe'en Prevention Inc.)
2. "A Song From Under the Floorboards" by Magazine
3. "The Cat With Two Heads" by The Aquabats
4. "Jack the Ripper" by Morrissey
5. "She's in Parties" by Bauhaus
6. "Little Sister" by Queens of the Stone Age
7. "You Make Me Feel So Young" by JonDis (a Jon Madsen original interpretation)
8. "Shankill Butchers" by The Decemberists
9. "Night Time Demons" by Arrested Development
10. "One of These Days" by Pink Floyd
11. "Dead and Bloated" by Stone Temple Pilots
12. "Rawhead and Bloodybones" by Siouxsie & the Banshees
13. "The Widow" by The Mars Volta
14. "Stolen Roses" by Karen Elson
15. "The Ghost of You Lingers" by Spoon
16. "I Can't Smile" by Bruce Lee Roy (a J.R. Fillmore original interpretation)
17. "I Believe It's Magic" by Mick Smiley
18. "In the Year 2525" by Visage

If you'd like any of these Halloween tracks, we'll email the mp3 to you.

Magazine, Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Mick Smiley and Visage are pretty sweet '80s acts. The Visage song, in particular, is a cover of an old '60s song (which is very prominent in the movie Gentlemen Broncos if you ever saw that). The Mick Smiley song we used is a remix known only during a pivotal apocalyptic scene in a certain movie about guys who bust ghosts.

Pink Floyd, of course, is very '70s -- although "One of These Days" sounds more modern than when it was released (1971 -- surprisingly before Dark Side of the Moon).

The Aquabats, Morrissey, Arrested Development and Stone Temple Pilots are, of course, stuff we listened to in the dark days of the '90s.

Queens of the Stone Age, The Decemberists, The Mars Volta, Karen Elson and Spoon are, more or less, contemporary (the Karen Elson CD is so brilliant by the way). The North American Hallowe'en Prevention Inc. was, I guess, some sort of "Band-aid"-like charity group featuring such celebrities as Beck, Feist, Arcade Fire, Devendra Banhart, Elvira, David Cross, Rilo Kiley, Wolf Parade & Thurston Moore.

J.R. and Jon hilariously composed a couple of spoken word versions of "happy" songs and sort of Halloweenized them.

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