Friday, April 13, 2012

Podcast 100 (Pt. 1): What Does a Pear Taste Like to You?

Two people equals two hours. We should have realized that four people would equal four hours. Podcast 100 turned out to be so galactic that we had to split it up. Obviously, many many thanks for Justin and Alexia from the Trekoff podcast joining in on the fun and putting up with us with zero complaints. Just so you're all aware, MOST of the part 1 mp3 is actually the bunch of us talking current television. Honestly, it took about 45 minutes longer than we anticipated. If you hate television, better skip to ahead 55 minutes. Hey! Andrea and Phil also joined on Skype for a while. Apologies for not getting to everyone on Skype. We'll totally do that again.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH
5:08 -- Top five television shows currently running
55:36 -- "Apocalypse Rising"
1.24:15 -- "The Ship"
1.50:59 -- Qapla'

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Enrique Muniz (2346-2373).

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