Friday, July 27, 2012

Podcast 106: War! Finally!

Alright so it's Sunday morning, so we're sort of well rested. Still pretty tired though. Pulled together just enough energy to slog through another season wrap-up. This was a pretty good season, but we made fun of lots of stuff regardless.

Btw, if you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, be sure not to listen to our 20-minute outtake.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH (KISS, Penn State)
15:00 -- J.R. Fillmore names that tune
21:35 -- Viewer mail
27:27 -- "In the Cards"
44:18 -- "Call to Arms"
1.09:00 -- Podcast awards and rankings
1.15:58 -- Season awards and rankings
1.35:20 -- Upcoming episodes
1:50:36 -- Qapla'
1:54:20 -- Spoilery conversation about The Dark Knight Rises

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Jonathan Blunk (1986-2001).

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