Monday, August 13, 2012

Las Vegas Star Trek Convention: Jon's Photo Report

Hey! If you found one of my business cards at the convention and are checking this site out from that, please send us an email!

Okay. Enjoy the report.

I was hoping that I would make it all the way to Vegas in one night of driving, but I got tired and had to get a hotel in St. George. The above picture is of the fort I built in my room. It is a very humble fort because I was pretty tired.

It's a humble fort, but notice this stellar feature: the air conditioner is specifically contained inside for maximum coolage. This pre-cooling was essential to my survival in Las Vegas August heat.

This picture was taken right after coming over the hill to see Las Vegas, and right before me wildly swerving to get back into the lane.

 The Sky Tower sorta looks like a spaceship, I guess, so I figured I'd take a shot. Once again, I had to wildly swerve the car to get back into the lane. Next year I'll need a co-pilot.

Here we are coming up to the Rio. I was worried because there were no aliens on the side of the building besides Penn & Teller.

Here's my photo reminder of where I parked on the first day.

 Here's the shirt I wore the first day. Notice the blood wine stain on the front.

 Before I even went in I noticed a truck full of tribbles in the parking lot. Surely they all melted by the end of the day.

I threw a few new J.R. Watches Star Trek for the first time business cards on the public table under the big sign. I checked on their progress throughout my stay and they trickled away extremely slowly.

 Here's the big projection on the wall. I think these things may be on the way out. They seem sort of cliche nowadays.

 This chick is dressed as a mirror universe trill (as if you didn't know).

This clever person dressed up as Captain Pike (alright, to be funny I was going to take a picture of everyone I saw on a rascal and make the same joke over and over again, but there were WAY TOO MANY rascals and I felt bad for the joke -- just pretend I made the joke).

Here's Q. On the second day I went up to him and mentioned that I watched the second season of Breaking Bad and my heart is totally broken. He gave absolutely no response to that. I felt slightly dumb.

 Worf. I spoke to him about getting an audio clip and he said he wouldn't be able to for management reasons or something. He also told me that the other TNG big leaguers wouldn't be able to either. Lesson learned. The next day I decided to get his autograph anyway, but Dorn does this weird thing where you have to buy the photos on a separate table. I didn't know that and didn't put forth the effort to picking out a photo from one of the millions available at other booths. Sorry J.R. that was going to be my gift for you.

 Geordi. At this point the table guards were like "No pictures of the Enterprise crew, please."

This wasn't the only amazing piece of movie vinyl at this booth. There were better ones, but this was the last picture I shot before the guy was like "No pictures of the merchandise, please."

Most of the Borg costumes went the extra mile. Here's an assimilated creature that wasn't human before Borg assimilation.

 There is only one Enterprise in my book. Okay, the Enterprise-A counts too. There are only two Enterprises in my book.

 Hey! Here's another Captain Pike!

I saw these girls with the legs wandering around a lot and I finally asked for a picture. Either they were really tired or really not into me. They were very cordial though, as everybody was (Roddenberry utopian society for the win!). I should have gotten more legs in the picture and not just because I'm a total creep -- they had cool boots on. Actually the one on the left was barefoot and stretching her feet which was somehow unbelievably cute.

These Klingons had a long conversation with me about how their friend was supposed to dress up with them, but didn't and that I should totally confront their friend. I can't believe I didn't give them a JRWSTFTFT card. I hardly gave a card to anybody. I'm terrible.

 These girls were extremely popular. They are sporting how far Wonderbra technology has advanced in the 24th century.

Here I am practicing my own contemplative Kirk pose. Notice I'm wearing my favorite pants. These pants exhibit a crazy charisma-inducing phenomenon.

 Here's my shirt for the second day. This shirt is truly one of a kind because it's the only one CafePress printed off before they said they couldn't print any more for copyright reasons. We'll get this same pattern available on Zazzle or something soon probably.

 Parking reminder.

 I spoke to this girl about her cool little watergun/phaser bag. Apparently it's a Used bag -- as in a bag that promotes the band The Used. I also told her that our podcast welcomes more cute girls. Wow. Looking at this photo right now, I think she has a Gorn tattoo. Wow.

 This is fuzzy, but this girl was one of at least three people dressed up as the freaking Crystaline Entity. Yeah, that's right. AT LEAST THREE people dressed up as the CRYSTALINE ENTITY.

 EXTREMELY clever female Ferengi costumes.

This is a Federation uniform bathrobe that I want, but didn't buy. Resistance. Not futile.

 The line to see Jonathan Frakes. Also known as the line "to get Riked."

 "A Piece of the Action" was miraculously on the short list for fans' favorite TOS episode.

 This was taken from my amazing seat at the TNG cast reunion. Sirtis is a loose cannon. Oh, and this seat wasn't actually amazing. It was quite terrible. The girls in front of me were definitely not dressed as Star Trek fans and I was wondering if they knew where they were.

 That guy in the distance in the middle of the hallway? The kid who plays Nog. He's a pretty tiny little guy.

 Here's my picture of the costume contest pre-judgement. Yeah, my camera has the worst flash in the known universe (even counting the Pakled homeworld). Anyway, see those blue eyes glowing? That's a guy in a phenomenal Iron Man costume that he tried to pass off as a Federation dock worker suit or some such nonsense.

Here's the delightful Holly with her Enterprise duffel bag (she said it's one of only 300 made, apparently) and in her little girl from "Pen Pals" costume. I tracked her down to find out what her favorite TNG episode was since I noticed her at the "Best TNG Episode" forum the night before. Turns out because of her intense love of Data, the best episode in her mind is "Measure of a Man." This picture was taken right after I informed her that I'm totally not a Data fan.

 Here's a better photo of the Iron Man guy. Also that girl next to the blue shirt had a fabulous T'pring costume.

 Yeah. My Corolla ran nearly 420 miles on a single tank of dilithium.

 Here's a photo of a photo of me with Andrew Robinson. I sold (gave away) my crappy scanner at a yard sale last week. Scorpio! Btw, that's not my real smile, that's my grimace smile.

A pile of my swag. Notice the autographed Chase Masterson jazz CD on the very top (also notice the Sandra Pillar dental floss).

Anyway, that's what I got. I'll go into more detail next time we have a chance to go on the air. Questions? Comments? Post below or, as always, email us.

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Rhett said...

Ever notice that Q sounds like Elder Robert D Hales? I noticed during Breaking Bad. YouTube his voice.

Melanie said...

I told you about how strict those handlers are! LOL.