Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Podcast 118: tIn mIn Hegh

Every few years we have to talk about Depeche Mode quite a bit. It's impossible to calculate just how many ways the cultures of Depeche Mode and Star Trek overlap. If you wanna get right into the trekkin', go ahead and skip the first half hour. Eventually we tackle parts 5-8 of the big DS9 finale.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, March Madness, watchin' stuff, Voyager Madness, Depeche Mode upcoming show
14:44 -- Delta Machine track by track
28:41 -- Reactions to attack from North Korea
30:49 -- "When it Rains (Part 5)"
47:42 -- "'Tacking into the Wind (Part 6)"
1.07:40 -- "Extreme Measures (Part 7)"
1.19:32 -- "The Dogs of War (Part 8)"
1.44:05 -- Awards and rankings
1.56:50 -- Upcoming episode
2.04:12 -- Qapla' and outtakes

Like Jon's Empire Uncut scene!

Have greatness thrust upon yourself! Read all of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night!

The following are probably the Voyager episodes we'll be watching. Don't like the list? Tell us! You only have a couple of weeks to let us know.

"Bride of Chaotica"
"Spirit Folk"
"Living Witness"
"Message in a Bottle"
"Scorpion (parts 1 and 2)"

The following episodes are on our wait list:


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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Roger Ebert (1942-2012).

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