Saturday, April 5, 2014

Podcast 133: Incidents and/or Riann

We're neck-deep ensconced in Enterprise. And the Vulcans are always bad. It's very weird. In the meantime, we can always count on shuttlecrafts falling through whatever "floor" they've landed on. This was a fun recording. We had Mark assigned to the hangout to keep us in line with random audible comments. We also had a return of the pop culture top five list.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH (Rocksmith, NCAA tourney, 30 Rock)
11:45 -- Breaking Bad discussion (spoilers from six months ago) plus a little Veronica Mars
30:56 -- More TV, TekWar
34:41 -- Pop culture lists (New Order songs)
45:30 -- "The Andorian Incident"
58:25 -- "Breaking the Ice"
1.13:45 -- "Civilization"
1.29:04 -- "Fortunate Son"
1.45:42 -- Awards and rankings
1.56:50 -- Future episode predictions
2.06:13 -- Qapla' and outtakes

Here's a link to purchase J.R.'s fabulous Risa poster!

Note at about 18:40 in the episode "Civilization" there's an unwanted camera bump.

We should have spoken about it, but I didn't realize at the time that Mayweather's musings about desiring to use the transporter because "it would be fun to be in two places at once" perfectly mirrors his conflict with having a foot in the space freight universe and another foot in the Starfleet universe. Foreshadowing, allusions and symbolism people!

Checked out my Star Trek Encyclopedia and this is what it says about warp travel:

Notice that warp 1 is the speed of light while warp 2 is 10 times the speed of light. Warp 4 is 102 times the speed of light. Remember how according to that speed limit episode called "Force of Nature" warp 5 is the new Federation cruising speed? Well that's 214 times the speed of light. Sound fast? It isn't. At warp 5 it would take 468 years to cross Federation space. Warp 9.9999 is apparently the maximum subspace radio speed with booster relays. Apparently even subspace radio takes six months to cross Federation space. Warp 10 is theoretically occupying all points in the universe simultaneously (guess it's not theoretical since that's what they did in "Threshold).

Click here for our link to the inexplicable Andorian wall kick.

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to James Rebhorn (1948-2014).

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