Monday, October 20, 2014

J.R. and Jon's Austin-tacious Journey Vol. 1

So J.R. and I met up IRL to go to the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas. This little recording is just what we talked about on the way to the city. There's very little Star Trek talk, so if that's your thing, you may not enjoy this. Actually, I don't know what your thing even is if you enjoy this at all, but it may help pass the time (or perhaps make time slower).

Some stuff mentioned:

Weird Texas stuff, Star Wars stuff, new Star Trek movies, Jon's non-date in Austin, J.R.'s future, nearly getting hit by cars, Halloween, Austin City Limits preparation, New Order, Veronica Mars, Charisma Carpenter, J.R. nearly runs a red, costumes, scary movies, happy birthday Bill, heads blowing up, The Shining book and movie, ereaders, Hunger Games books, haunted houses, Parks and Rec, various other.

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