Sunday, May 22, 2016

Podcast 155: No One eez Allowed to Zee Ze Forge

This time 'round we get the second part of the Enterprise season 4 Augment arc and the first part of the Vulcan civil war arc, resulting in a bit of a split podcast personality. Also, a bit of Disney talk. I forgot to mention that a big reason for my aversion to Mary Poppins is that a friend of mine made fun of me for liking it because it's a "kid's movie." This was in the third grade.

Podcast breakdown:
0:00 -- nuqneH (Civil War and other movies (like Sing Street))
22:20 -- "Cold Station 12"
30:09 -- "The Augments"
44:23 -- "The Forge"
56:06 -- "Awakening"
1.06:06 -- Awards and rankings
1.15:50 -- Weird Star Wars detour
1.20:57 -- Top 5 Disney movies (live-action included)
1.38:48 -- Movie podcast contender finalization
1.44:02 -- Next episode predictions
1.56:09 -- Qapla' and (long) outtakes

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This episode is again dedicated in loving memory to Prince (1958-2016). Hey, please check out our Podcast 97 where we mostly spoke about our favorite Prince songs.

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