Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Podcast 6: The Lost Episodes (and we don't mean freaky island)

Today's podcast focuses on all the ones J.R. didn't realize he hadn't watched yet and all the ones we thought we talked about last week, but actually didn't really since we didn't actually record what we had already talked about. So apologies to us for actually having to do it again.

Plenty of fun to be had, however, since we had a chatroom full of geeks telling us off. Even some of my nieces and nephews joined the fun, although I hope they weren't actually listening when I was talking about the possibility of a homosexual relationship between Spock and Dr. McCoy.

Of course the specific fan fiction term I couldn't think of during the program is slash fiction for those who may be interested (not that there's anything wrong with that). Turns out that Star Trek pretty much originated the whole concept. So be proud, Shatner and Nimoy!

I don't know if we'll bother doing this in the future, but here's a breakdown of the podcast in case you want to skip right to your favorite episode.

4:40 -- "Metamorphosis"
15:16 -- "Journey to Babel"
28:08 -- "Friday's Child"
36:32 -- "The Deadly Years"
46:40 -- "A Piece of the Action"
57:28 -- "The Immunity Syndrome"
1.09:40 -- our faves
1.16:30 -- end/outtakes

Also, just for fun this week we really went nuts with the outtakes. Keep listening at the end of the show for five minutes or so of stuff that isn't supposed to be heard.

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