Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Podcast 7: Romans and Nazis and Commies and Bears Oh My!

Because we had so many alternate Earth history planets to discuss, this one went twice as long as they usually go.

We also had to re-record some of the podcast again because of technical reasons. Ugh. We can't wait until computers are intelligent enough to just do our podcasts for us. Anyway, Season Two is in the bag! Now all we have left to do is the lame Star Trek season and all the movies (half of which are pretty good) and the lame series (Next Generation).

One minor correction in this podcast that I noticed: I said that "Bread and Circuses" was the only episode that made reference to actually speaking English. Of course "Space Seed" makes that point as well. I don't know where my head was.

Also, it should be noted that I almost disagreed with J.R. about the end of the same episode. He said that because the Enterprise didn't interfere, nothing changed on the oppressive planet. I made a point that they witnessed some kind of Christianity blossoming on the planet which would lead to a change in regime. Obviously, however, this change had nothing to do with the Enterprise and would have happened on the planet regardless. So in actuality, there was no major change due to the events of this episode.


1:56 -- "A Private Little War"
12:59 -- "Return to Tomorrow"
20:28 -- "Patterns of Force"
28:40 -- "By Any Other Name"
36:45 -- "The Omega Glory"
44:38 -- "The Ultimate Computer"
1.03:54 -- "Bread and Circuses"
1.17:44 -- "Assignment: Earth"
1.29:13 -- Faves and season wrap-up
1.45:15 -- End/outtakes

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