Monday, April 13, 2009

the future is coming!

Just so everyone knows, we've recorded two entire podcasts and will probably record another one this Saturday. They're taking just a little while to edit and make live onto the interweb. They're seriously coming soon! Sorry for the wait! Also coming shortly is one (maybe two!) lame videos that we often do here as well, so watch for it (those?).

Our next recording is going to cover Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Get in whatever comments you need to as we go back to the original cast and as we take Shatner down a notch by discussing his directing prowess.

We might do another recording before May 8th, but there's a good chance we won't. That means that after our STV:TFF discussion there will probably be the discussion on... wait for it... the new movie! Whatever you want to say about the new movie, say it now! Or in the next 24 days or so... whatev.

Also, I (Jon) made a recent appearance on that other podcast called Trekwest 5. The podcast I was on was just posted today so go over to Trekwest 5 and download it -- or go find their iTunes page. I make a fool of myself a few times.

Remember there are also t-shirts to either buy or download. Get yours before the movie rush!

Should we do a Cafepress thing do you think?

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Ancient of Days said...

Looking forward to the new podcasts - get them posted already, slacker!

It was great having you back on Trek West 5 - any time you want to make a fool of yourself, we're there for you, man!