Thursday, April 16, 2009

Podcast 28: Klingon High Fidelity

Sweet turnaround huh? This one is full of love! Klingon love, Betazoid love, strategema love, endorphin love, ALL SORTS OF LOVE! Just in time for... the second half of April.

Also worth noting is our huge, gigantic, enormous summary of SEASON TWO! Stay tuned to the end of this one folks!

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH
11:46 -- "Manhunt"
26:50 -- "The Emissary"
36:12 -- "Peak Performance"
54:32 -- "Shades of Gray"
1.03:56 -- Rankings
1.06:23 -- Season 2 awards
1.21:19 -- Season 2 rankings
1.35:05 -- Goodbyes and outtakes

J.R.'s rankings:

4. "Shades of Gray"
3. "Manhunt"
2. "Peak Performance"
1. "The Emissary"

Jon's rankings:

4. "Shades of Gray"
3. "Manhunt"
2. "The Emissary"
1. "Peak Performance"

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Comment on anything we've said or anything we will say. Don't forget we'll be talking about Star Trek V very shortly!

If you're gonna be in the Monterey area at the beginning of May, remember to join us for the new movie on May 8!

This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Roy Brocksmith (1945-2001).

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