Saturday, May 2, 2009

Next Recording Next Week

Unfortunately, because of the limited abilities of the USPS and UPS and the fact that J.R.'s on vacation from his vacation, we won't be recording today.

HOWEVER... that means that our next recording will be directly discussing THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIE. Check out the countdown on the right side of this page. Less than 6 days!

We'll be recording our discussion immediately following our viewing, so you won't be able to provide your own feedback for the movie itself (unless you saw some kind of advance screening). You are encouraged instead to send in what your pre-impressions are. What are your fears? What are your encouragements? What do you think of J.J. Abrams? What about the trailers? Does it seem like it will be too "summer movie" and not cerebral enough? Do you think a new franchise is cooking? According to Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood, this is "The first 'Star Trek' for everyone." Does that statement frighten you?


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