Saturday, May 2, 2009

Podcast 29: "He's Scaling His Own Ego"

Yes! We go back to the original cast! No! The movie was horrible! Well, there's good and bad in everything. One day your life has no meaning -- the next day you find God -- then the next day you discover that it's not God, but actually some weird alien creature who wants to hitch a ride with you -- then the next day you cop out the whole existence of God with some crap about the human heart or whatever. In this conversation we'll not only be referencing the movie itself, but also the Rifftrax commentary. Also we may mention just a little tiny bit about the commentary of Lord Shatner himself.

0:00 -- Opening talk about Star Trek V
6:11 -- Huge distracting conversation about other stuff
13:45 -- Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
55:00 -- Awards
1.04:45 -- Goodbyes and outtakes

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Next time you hear from us will be about the new movie, so now's your chance to get in a word edgewise.

This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Bill Quinn (1912-1994).

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