Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CONTEST! podcast 61 coming soon!

How would you like your very own very handsome JRWSTFTFT mug?

In honor of J.R.'s COMPLETION of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we are giving away this wonderful mug to a lucky listener. How can YOU win it, you ask? Simple. Just write us a short essay (250 words or less) on who's better: Kirk or Picard. We'll go through the entries and pick our favorite -- and then *clap* FREE MUG! Get your entries in before we record Podcast 62 so that we have enough time to adequately judge.

Also, MAYBE we'll have a separate contest. J.R. still hasn't announced if we're going on to DS9 or not. Whoever writes the essay that pushes him over the edge may win something as well.

Btw, if you think the mug is handsome enough to just buy, you can do that at Just do a search for product number 458039212 (I've never done Cafepress before so hopefully everything worked out OK).

Here is the image that wraps around the mug:

ANYWAY, in the meantime we're prepping to record podcast 61 this Thursday. We'll be watching all the rest of the episodes of season 7 EXCEPT for "All Good Things..." Get your comments in. Also remember that we're discussing the results for the Picard drinking game for the episode "Bloodlines." The rules can be found here. Hey you know what would be great to have around during a Star Trek drinking game? Why, a JRWSTFTFT mug of course?

We're recording at 1:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time. Head to Jon's Ustream page at that time to participate in the live chat.

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Tim said...

Can we enter more than once?

Tim said...

Can we enter more than once?

joN. said...

yes! but you need to assume a new identity and have that identity subscribe in itunes as well as yourself.