Sunday, July 11, 2010

Podcast 61: Hey Jean-Luc, You're a Father (j/k)!

Here's the penultimate report on the television run of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It all builds and builds and builds until we get to an episode devoted entirely to... Ro Laren. Huh. Lots and lots of family stuff on the way... as well as devo.

Apologies to all who joined us in the chatroom. About halfway through, Ustream seemed to shut down.

Also apologies to everyone whose comments we weren't able to read.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, Lebron, Maui, iTunes, big essay contest announced
18:10 -- "Genesis"
40:37 -- "Journey's End"
51:20 -- "Firstborn"
1.05:03 -- "Bloodlines"
1.22:07 -- "Emergence"
1.32:06 -- "Preemptive Strike"
1.49:30 -- Awards and rankings
2.14:23 -- Qapla' and outtakes

Jon's awards

Favorite villain: the traveler (runner-up: devolved Worf raping machine)
Favorite name: Gorta
Hot chick budget: Shannon Cochran as Kalita
Hot dude budget: William Thomas Jr. as Santos
Favorite technology: Ferengi subspace beaming
Favorite planet: Juhraya
Favorite guest: James Sloyan as Future Alexander

J.R.'s awards

Favorite villain: Cardassians
Favorite name: K'Mtar
Hot chick budget: Amy Pietz as Lieutenant Sandra Rhodes
Hot dude budget: Ken Olandt as Jason Vigo
Favorite technology: Ferengi fraudulizer
Favorite planet: Maranga IV
Favorite guest: James Sloyan as K'Mtar

Jon's Rankings

6. "Emergence"
5. "Journey's End"
4. "Bloodlines"
3. "Preemptive Strike"
2. "Firstborn"
1. "Genesis"

J.R.'s Rankings

6. "Journey's End"
5. "Emergence"
4. "Bloodlines"
3. "Genesis"
2. "Preemptive Strike"
1. "Firstborn"

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Corey Allen (1934-2010).

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