Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Podcast 14: Adios TOS!

It saddens us that this is our last original series podcast, but it should gladden you that we supersized it! We present well over two hours of JRWSTftft this time around. Included is our take on the last four episodes plus our best/worst picks of Season 3, PLUS our best/worst TOS picks of all time!

Jon is the one who said he was sick, but that's J.R. who's got the sniffles.

Jon's "um" count: 65

Podcast breakdown:

:00 -- Hellos and announcements
9:01 -- "The Cloud Minders"
20:23 -- "The Savage Curtain"
37:37 -- "All Our Yesterdays"
56:42 -- "Turnabout Intruder"
1.12:52 -- Podcast rankings
1.19:33 -- Season rankings
1.33:34 -- Worst episodes of TOS
1.43:04 -- Best episodes of TOS
2:03:45 -- Outro and outtakes


4. "Turnabout Intruder"
3. "The Cloud Minders"
2. "The Savage Curtain"
1. "All Our Yesterdays"

4. "The Cloud Minders"
3. "Turnabout Intruder"
2. "The Savage Curtain"
1. "All Our Yesterdays"

We would have listed the rankings from the season and entire series here too, but then you'd have even less reason to actually listen to the podcast. Just listen to the podcast!

Email in your favorite Star Trek episodes.

Remember, we don't really hate children and we don't advocate eliminating them... yet... just kidding, but not really. No, seriously don't hurt kids. That's horrible.

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