Thursday, September 18, 2008

Podcast 15: Have a Nice Decade!

And thus we begin the movie franchise with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (yes, thanks for actually informing us that it's a movie)!

Discussion of ST:TMP does not begin, however, without first wrapping up the original series with a list of awards that frankly and obviously weren't worked on very hard (but were still plenty humorous (or not -- maybe you just had to be there)).

Joining the talk about ST:TMP is our buddy Pete, whom you may recognize as the guy who went with Jon to the Star Trek Experience. Somehow, being on the podcast counted toward his community service.

Jon's "um" count: 44

Podcast breakdown:

:00 -- Intro
1:27 -- Rating the SocVis list
9:19 -- Random TOS favorites
26:53 -- Star Trek: The Motion Picture
1.43:22 -- End/outtakes


1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Okay, fine. That was a lame set of rankings since we only officially discussed one movie. To be fair, Jon said ST:TMP was his sixth favorite Star Trek movie, Pete said it was his third favorite and J.R. said it was his second favorite (he's seen two).

Corrections/errors: There was a point where Jon said that we've been recording for an hour and 20 minutes when it was an hour and 40 minutes into the podcast. This can be explained by the fact that we (very obviously) recorded the first segment of random TOS awards after we recorded the discussion about the movie.

This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Persis Khambatta (1950-1998).

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Maria said...

Excuse me, but I am a listener. Maybe I don't count because I'm a chick. I always have to defend the female fans...sheesh. Just because it is 2:00 a.m. when the podcast actually happens, and I can't participate in the chatroom anymore...