Friday, September 26, 2008

Podcast 16: Revenge of Nicholas Meyer

This podcast is a DVD commentary of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It will probably be funner to listen to it while watching the movie, but hopefully we've made it fun enough (and you've seen the most popular Star Trek movie enough) that it can be enjoyed without the visual accompaniment. This is also a "simul-podcast" with The Jon Madsen Movie Commentary Podcast

It's okay to cry.

Not too much of a sense to lay out the show rundown. Pretty much all of it is the commentary.

Likelihood of the events of this movie happening: 11,718,750,000,000 to one.

Comments/corrections: I think toward the end we wondered why they couldn't beam the Genesis away from the Reliant and shut it off manually. Well, thinking about in now, it seems like David says to Kirk that it couldn't be shut off, so that solves that. But then again, what poor sap were they planning on getting to activate the Genesis Device without getting totally nuked because he couldn't get away in time?

Next week we'll be back with a normal podcast about Star Trek III.

This podcast is dedicated in loving memory to Madlyn Rhue (1935-2003)

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Anonymous said...

why is there only like 20 minutes of a podcast here?

it cuts off a minute into the KOBIYASHI MARU training sequence!! :(

joN. said...

try again. it should work! the whole mp3 is there.