Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hurry and vote in the poll! HURRY!

Notice we have a NEW POLL up that you only have until the nines (09/09/09) to vote on. We're planning on playing the Star Trek Drinking Game again for one of the last episodes of season four. Also, we're planning on focusing on a specific character within the episode. For example, "The Host" is an episode primarily about Beverly, so if "The Host" wins, the plan is to diligently abide by the "Beverly Crusher rules" of the drinking game.

Anyway, pick the episode (and character) you most want all of us to participate in. There is a chance we'll make adjustments.

Oh! Check out the rules for the game:

And once again neither of us actually drink alcohol, so do whatever. Wouldn't recommend alcohol because there's a lot of potential for heavy unhealthy amounts of fluid here. I'm planning on prune juice. Fitting.

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