Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Podcast 40: The Devil Went Down to Ventax II

Other titles considered for this podcast: "Kissing in the Mouth," "Is It Possible We Need to Make Second Contact on Risa?" and "Sleeping With New Life and New Civilizations." It seems this batch has a bit of a seductive edge to it, what with Ardra, that glasses chick who actually out-riked Riker and also those aliens that liked to visit Troi in her sleep.

If you listen carefully, you can hear J.R. deep cleaning his keyboard during the podcast.

Click here for the Star Trek Cookbook version of fungilli.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH and viewer mail
16:42 -- "Devil's Due"
36:22 -- "Clues"
45:17 -- "First Contact"
1.04:39 -- "Galaxy's Child"
1.14:58 -- "Night Terrors"
1.30:14 -- Awards and rankings
1.40:50 -- Qapla' and outtakes

J.R.'s Rankings

5. "Galaxy's Child"
4. "Clues"
3. "Devil's Due"
2. "Night Terrors"
1. "First Contact"

Jon's Rankings

5. "Galaxy's Child"
4. "Clues"
3. "Devil's Due"
2. "Night Terrors"
1. "First Contact"

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Remember we will be playing the Star Trek Drinking Game to the episode "Reunion" according to the "Worf rules." Check out the drinking game here.

This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Paul Lambert (1922-1997).

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