Monday, September 21, 2009

Podcast 40 on its way soon!

We've set up a time to record Wednesday at 5:00 pm MDT. I'm pretty sure that's 7 on the east coast, 4 on the west and uhhh... midnightish in England and four days from now in Australia. Someone needs to send us a timezone globe.

Yes, we know podcast 39 was never uploaded, well it's coming very very soon.

We will at least cover:

"Devil's Due"
"First Contact"
"Galaxy's Child"

We may cover if we have time or if we feel like it:

"Night Terrors"
"Identity Crisis"
"The Nth Degree"

Also maybe whatever episodes are after that.

Send in whatever!

We'll probably be broadcasting live, so you can find us at ustream at one or both of the following:

This week's question: Who is the hottest actress in Hollywood today?

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