Saturday, February 13, 2010

Podcast 49: Be My Kamalatine

Just in time for Valentine's Day! How perfect because Famke Janssen makes an appearance in the podcast and she's probably the cutest chick to ever grace Next Generation videotape. Of course we also get lots of brotherly love with Geordi and a robot. Then there's all the imaginary love. Lots of love! As a bonus we get a rollicking episode where people are invisible and Romulans fly through walls into the cold darkness of deep space. Rollicking.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, Super Bowl, football (soccer), Valentine's Day album, Lost
18:16 -- "The Perfect Mate"
34:36 -- "Imaginary Friend"
47:35 -- "I, Borg"
1.11:32 -- "The Next Phase"
1.31:56 -- Awards and rankings
1.45:06 -- Qapla'
1.46:38 -- Outtakes

Jon's Rankings

4. "Imaginary Friend"
3. "The Perfect Mate"
2. "The Next Phase"
1. "I, Borg"

J.R.'s Rankings

4. "Imaginary Friend"
3. "The Next Phase"
2. "The Perfect Mate"
1. "I, Borg"

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Charles Gunning (1951-2002).

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J.R. said...

What an awesome podcast!

J.R. said...

Jon please get me the rules for the drinking game for Data for the Arrow of Light episode so's I can watch it tonight.