Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Space Academy IV: She-men on Patrol

This was recorded on a very important Groundhog Day. Hoping to get this posted before the Lost premier, but it was simply an impossibility. Oh well. Hey, despite the title of this one, we talked about a lot of hot chicks -- so many in fact that we didn't have room to discuss the episode with Famke Janssen. Overall, some pretty good eps this time around, with one that's not worth mentioning.

Don't you think Geordi would've gotten deja vu before Beverly? I mean, he's the one with the visor with the residual images. They needed Crusher to be a bit more useful, perhaps.

Hoping to put an audio clip of the berries and cream lad at the end of this episode, but I totally forgot.

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH, Groundhog Day, Oscar nominations, Lost, Star Trek Online
18:35 -- "The Outcast"
33:50 -- "Cause and Effect"
46:21 -- "The First Duty"
1.03:32 -- "Cost of Living"
1.14:31 -- Considering talking about "The Perfect Mate," but changing our minds
1.16:18 -- Awards and rankings
1.29:49 -- Qapla'
1.31:26 -- Outtakes

J.R.'s Rankings

-. "Cost of Living"
3. "The First Duty"
2. "The Outcast"
1. "Cause and Effect"

Jon's Rankings

4. "Cost of Living"
3. "The First Duty"
2. "The Outcast"
1. "Cause and Effect"

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Tony Jay (1933-2006).

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1 comment:

Jim said...

Good show, guys. Love the title.