Saturday, February 27, 2010

Podcast 50: Golden Podcast -- 88 Years in 44 Minutes

Milestone achieved! We know we said a few podcasts ago that if we made it to 50 we were probably going to give some stuff away to listeners -- but obviously that didn't happen. Everyone hold out for Podcast 100! Anyway, besides discussing some great episodes (some would say the best episode ever) the results of the season 5 drinking game are revealed! PLUS we had our BIG season 5 wrap-up. BIG! Is season 5 the greatest TNG season ever? Listen!

Podcast breakdown:

0:00 -- nuqneH
3:33 -- Viewer mail
14:22 -- Non-Lost conversation
15:08 -- "The Inner Light"
39:45 -- "Time's Arrow Pt. 1"
1.08:30 -- Podcast awards and rankings
1.16:57 -- Quick TOS/TNG comparison
1.20:00 -- Season 5 awards
1.43:33 -- Season 5 rankings
1.56:47 -- Qapla'
1.59:19 -- Outtakes

J.R.'s Rankings

2. "Time's Arrow Pt. 1"
1. "The Inner Light"

Jon's Rankings

2. "Time's Arrow Pt. 1"
1. "The Inner Light"

Season 5 awards and rankings SPOILERS!

Best Planet
J.R.: Kataan
Jon: Valt Minor

Worst Planet
J.R.: The planet in "The Silicon Avatar" that gets shaved (Melona IV)
Jon: Moab IV

Best Guest Star
J.R.: Leonard Nimoy
Jon: Leonard Nimoy (honorable mention: Jonathan Del Arco)

Worst Guest Star
J.R.: Majel Barrett
Jon: Matt Frewer

Worst Villain
J.R.: Mudbathing Lwaxana Troi
Jon: Naked Lwaxana Troi

Best Villain
J.R.: The reality of waking up on the Enterprise after spending your entire life in your mind on a planet that actually died 1000 years ago
Jon: Mind raping

Worst Technology
J.R.: Romulan humanoid phasing
Jon: Federation tachyon net

Best Technology
J.R.: Worf's Frankenstein legs from "Ethics"
Jon: The amnesia ray from "Conundrum" (honorable mentions: Data's phase discriminator, Magic non-phasing boots of Ro, Geordi and that Romulan who went through the wall)

Most unproved crew member
J.R.: Deanna Troi
Jon: William Riker (dis-honorable mention: Guinan)

Most improved crew member
J.R.: Jean-Luc Picard
Jon: Jean-Luc Picard

Worst use of hot chick budget
J.R.: Majel Barrett
Jon: Katherine Moffat

Best use of hot chick budget
J.R.: Famke Janssen (Honerable mention: Ashley Judd)
Jon: Ashley Judd (Silver: Famke Janssen, Bronze: Walker Brandt)

22nd through 26th best episodes of season

22. "The Masterpiece Society"
23. "The Game"
24. "Imaginary Friend"
25. "Hero Worship"
26. "Cost of Living"
(Honorable mention: "Violations")

22. "A Matter of Time"
23. "Imaginary Friend"
24. "New Ground"
25. "Hero Worship"
26. "Cost of Living"
(Honorable mention: "Unification pt. 1")

Best episodes of the season

5. "Cause and Effect"
4. "I, Borg"
3. "Unification pt. 2"
2. "Conundrum"
1. "The Inner Light"

5. "The Game"
4. "I, Borg"
3. "Cause and Effect"
2. "Conundrum"
1. "The Inner Light"
(Honorable mention: "Darmok"

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This episode is dedicated in loving memory to Andrew Koenig (1968-2010).

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